Sarah Allen

I like to create software that people use, ideally software that people love to use.

Software Projects: I'm not longer at Macromedia. In a couple of weeks, I'll be starting at LaszloSystems. In the meantime I am experimenting with wikis and other internet tech on -- the wikis aren't linked yet because they are *very* experimental and only one will stay.

I would appreciate feedback on the wiki thoughts below by anyone, especially experienced wiki people who might be reading this.

New to wiki. I really just wanted to set up a FAQ, and wiki was suggested as a format. It took me minutes to install UseModWiki, but it is taking me much longer to understand wiki culture and how it could be (should be?) applied.

Wiki Technical info (kept here as I learn about wiki) Wiki Culture info different wikis have different purposes, and such rules wouldn't normally be enforced on home pages. Since I have a pretty focused target community, it makes sense to start my own wiki. But I think a discussion of WikiPatterns or WikiEnginePatterns? would be appropriate for this site.
I worked with HarryChesley on ShockWave. I was delighted to find his home page and left him a note, only to discover through later reading that someone else created it for him, so I've moved my note here for now.

The real world creates a blend of anonymity and identity. You may be anonymous, but you are instantly recognizable if you make yourself noticed. People can change their behavior once they get to know you, whether they know your real name or not.
Hey Sarah, are you still at Macromedia? -- CurtisBartley Nope. Updated page (above), left note on your page.


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