Satya Graha

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Satyagraha means ending tyranny. It means reclaiming our ability to govern ourselves, stand for ourselves, and trust in each other.

Tyranny is generated by millions of individual compromises on truth, peace and love. It is a positive feedback effect - like the howl of a speaker playing into its own microphone. Satyagraha is the only historically proven remedy for tyranny.

Satyagraha is not a cult, organization, or political party, but an uncompromising personal commitment. It is not a prayer to recite, but a way of working to improve the quality of your life and the lives around you.

Satyagraha is the discipline of self-control and self-sufficiency whereby Mohandas Gandhi threw the British empire out of India; Martin Luther King ended racial segregation in America; and Nelson Mandela surmounted the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Satyagraha conquers by conversion, producing neither defeat nor victory, but new harmony. It entails 11 great vows:

Satyagraha isn't an easy thing to do. You can only make these vows live by consciously working on your own life.

As for software, what is a SatyaGrahaDevelopment method?

"The word Satya (Truth), is derived from Sat, which means being. And nothing is or exists in reality except Truth." M.K. Gandhi, Young India, July 30 1931

"Truth (Satya) implies love, and firmness (Agraha) engenders and therefore serve as a synonym for force. I thus began to call the Indian movement "Satyagraha", that is to say, the Force which is born of Truth and Love or non-violence, and gave up the use of the phrase "passive resistance". M.K. Gandhi, Satyagraha in South Africa

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