Saving Face Wiki Problem

One of the most striking problems that wiki has is how to save face when involved in a dispute. This is mainly a RealNamesPlease problem.

When someone invests in their real name (or even a nick), they are setting themself up for the pattern of no return that we have witnessed here on Wiki over the years. What to do but fight when your name or reputation is on the line?

Wiki history says that most people caught in this kind of situation (especially veterans of multiple disputes) eventually leave because of no way out of the situation. Then they quietly come back later, only to try to clean up any mess that remains then leave again. Sometimes they still hang around some, but are afraid to stand up for what is right, or to voice valid opinions. This leads to bullies running the show. In other words, Wiki is currently just like being in any corporation where those that do not have the ability to do real work, end up running and ruining the show.

We need a real solution to this, because this is what is killing Wiki. When I say "real" I do not mean the non-solutions that the Wiki Bible Quoters run around and deface all conversations with.

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