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This is a first cut at classifying authors by rough period/movement -- generally when they began significant work. (In many cases, their work continued on for many years, through many 'periods') This is, of course, open for discussion and change.

Science Fiction Nineteenth Century ScienceFictionEarlyTwentiethCentury? ScienceFictionGoldenAge (mid 20's - late 40's) ScienceFictionPostWorldWarTwo? (late 40's - mid 60's) ScienceFictionNewWave (mid-60's) ScienceFictionPostNewWave? (mid-60's - 70's) ScienceFictionLateTwentiethCentury? ScienceFictionTwentyFirstCentury?

Major kudos to where I got the information for the chronological sequence -- ClaudeMuncey

Or, you could have just asked any SF dweeb over the age of 50. I've been reading most of the authors listed above since I was 12...
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