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As one can foresee an avalanche of ScienceFiction related contributions in WardsWiki, the undersigner calls for a dedicated forum on this topic. Perhaps someone can point to an existing forum being at the same high level as here.

ScienceFictionWikiForum is also entered in WikiEnginesWanted, because it would be nice to have a special purpose WikiEngine supporting VRML, multimedia 3D applets, etc. that could be uploaded by the Wikizens. -- FridemarPache

Just for info, check out WikiForumsCategorized -- I think there are two entries under science fiction so far, and there may be more to come. (One is German, one is Swedish, but the Swedish one seems to be primarily in English -- I forget whether the German one is English or German (or mixed).) -- RandyKramer

There is so much SF content already here it would be a shame for it not to be copied. What would it take for it to be okay to copy it?

There is one hosted by BoLeuf:

And WoytexWiki (but, but, ads!?), and (in German)

Um, this is very scary, but there's wikis for Janeway/Chakotay fan fiction:

and Chakotay/7 of 9 fan fiction:

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