Science Related Memetic Disorder

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In the web comic A Miracle of Science (, there exists a psychological disorder known as 'Science Related Memetic Disorder', better known as Mad Scientist Syndrome. Victims of the syndrome tend to: The disease is infectious, with the primary vector being books or speeches about science and technology, especially those written by other Mad Scientists. Affected individuals often resist treatment, as they usually do not see themselves as afflicted by the condition so much as empowered by it.

The behavior of many historical scientists, and more than a few WikiZens, could be seen as suggesting that this 'fictional' disease may be quite real. Obvious cases include NikolaTesla, BuckminsterFuller and TedNelson (sorry, Ted, but it's the truth). The importance of their contributions to real-world science and engineering only serves to throw the effects of the syndrome into sharper contrast.

-- JayOsako, who probably also has a mild case (I'm not brilliant enough to have a full-blown case of it)

Suspected Cases of SRMD on Wiki: [Add any WikiZens you feel appropriate, but keep in mind that it is as much a compliment as it is an insult...]

Suspected Cases of SRMD in the world at-large, past and present:

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