Scott De

What do I do? My father majored in math, he's in computers. My sister majored in math, she's in computers. I wanted to become a mathematician, so I majored in computers. But it didn't work. Judging from computer science departments, you need a Ph.D. in computer science before you can become a mathematician.

So...what do I do...It's the first question people ask. I never noticed until I didn't have a good answer. Well, in a fit of wild optimism, I quit my job and set off to write the Great American Software Product. What is it? I've been working hard for a very long time, and you'd think I'd know - but I don't. Right now it is just a lot of code, not a product. A product solves somebody's problem. What I have is a nice framework for building diagram editors. I need to decide soon. I also do consulting.

I have built a couple of interesting pieces of software:
You can leave me a message here:

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