Second Generation Geek

Boy, I'm certainly not one. My parents were certainly very un-geeky.

I'm one. My dad is and has been a Systems Analyst on various platforms, currently VMS and Oracle for a major Houston hospital chain. I grew up going to work with dad and playing on the keypunch machines and coding BASIC on a CDC Cyber 170. Once in a while dad would bring home the 300baud acoustic-coupled thermal paper terminal and we'd play StarTrek. Hmm, I'll bet if I looked I could find some long reams of old games, if they haven't fallen apart.

You have been promoted to Expert. Congratulations!

-- StevenNewton

My wife is a SecondGenerationGeek. Her father is a software engineer and her mother is a chemistry professor. Sometimes it's difficult being only a a FirstGenerationGeek? (and a LateBloomer at that). Anyway, those who know us find it highly likely that when we have children, they will be ThirdGenerationGeeks.


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