Sense Of Humor

The thing that makes me think that your lot in life is funny.

"We of the FBI have no sense of humor that we are aware of." - TommyLeeJones?, in MenInBlack?.
WillyWonka? (quoting WilliamShakespeare?):
A little nonsense now and then
Is relish'd by the wisest men

A corollary to this is DontTakeYourselfTooSeriously?. The Canadians seem to do a better job of this than a lot of U.S. Americans. Lots more TongueInCheek?.

Contrast the comment in AmericanCulturalAssumption concerning why an American couple was always asked if they were Canadian while touring Australia

WillyWonka? again:
A little footling about
Will stop you going up the spout

To bring it back to SoftwareDevelopment, teams are made of people, and for people to form bonds and get along, a healthy SenseOfHumor is definitely required.

You are correct, sir or madam, as the case may be. Please insert your token.

Which is true for a wiki of course, especially one dealing with controversial subject matter. That's why we said AlmostNeverDeleteHumor on Wiki so long ago. Or at least I did, and others picked it up. That's why LetTheDrivelShrivel was such a great phrase from WaldenMathews, as he advised me not to engage with those producing drivel and trying to do me down.


Combining the two pieces of advice has proved more difficult.


The end of ConspiracyTheories yesterday I managed a humorous response to a "what kind of wierdo are you?" question, one that I was most pleased with. I hope some people remember that one. If not, see WikiRewritesHistory, the first five or six entries. One of the great benefits of the traumas on WhyClublet has been the deep need to find a funny side. When you do find the right words in an unfamiliar and trying context it's a wonderful thing. "I'm a fundamentalist Christian and I'm here to learn." That was one of my very best, playing the LearningFundamentalist at StrangeAttractor. They laughed a lot, JonRonson and all. And like all the best humor, it had a most serious point to it. -- RichardDrake
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