Seven Of Nine

StarTrekVoyager presents elaborate science fiction plots, high-tech gadgetry that always could use better programming, sophisticated politics between vast interstellar cultures, and SevenOfNine beating the crap out of repugnant mutant aliens.

These kinds of episodes tend to make you wish she were beating the crap out of you. -- PhlIp

SevenOfNine is played by Jeri Ryan. At first I hated the character, mainly because she didn't seem to have any positive qualities, except the landscaping. But she really grew on me. Towards the end, she and the Doc were the only two characters that I really cared about, and for the most part, an episode without one or the other was a wasted episode.

Not to be mistaken for "Two in 40DD"? Resistance is futile.

Although, having her walk around a starship in four-inch heels is an extremely stupid costume choice. I like the female form as much as the next heterosexual male, but I'd hope that in the future humankind would abandon such forms of torture as HighHeeledShoes.

Actually, they are not so bad in a zero-gravity environment, and quite useful as an offensive weapon.

RedShirt #1: I don't know man, she just creeps me out. She never smiles. And look at the crap on her face.

RedShirt #2: Yeah, but what a bod!

RedShirt #1: 'Least she ain't early Spock or early Data - those guys you didn't mind if they got less logical!

Seems that SevenOfNine, actually actress Jeri Ryan, has, in a fashion, just cost a US Republican Senate candidate his job - her ex-husband, state senator Jack Ryan (no, not the guy from the TomClancy novels who got promoted to God when terrorists crashed a jetliner into the Pearly Gates).

Seems he wanted the two of them to do naughty things together in sex clubs, a fact revealed in divorce court filings.

And goodness knows, it would be unseemly for a US Senator to have sex with his wife. That's what interns are for. :)

Actually that was from the divorce proceedings - which they both wanted kept private. He was trying to get her to have public sex in sex clubs. . . The same type Republicans are always claiming "will destroy our moral fiber".

[(Better, thanks.) I don't think this sort of thing is morally wrong, but it certainly tends to be political suicide in the U.S., so this was quite misguided of him. It also is pretty dumb not to get agreement from the other party ahead of time.]

So in some sense, it was "morally wrong" - but only by the religious fundamentalist definition . . . which is why he'll get political fallout.

Incidentally, the final result is here:

Weirdly enough his candidacy was derailed by ThoughtCrime. They didn't actually have public sex; he just (allegedly) wanted to.

I bet if you lined up all the people who would like to have public sex with Jeri Ryan, it would be a pretty long line...

Jeri Ryan was recently on PoliticallyIncorrect, where she looked radically different from her StarTrek character, and didn't seem to have much to say.
Having just finished watching a Voyager tape, I must admit that she has yoooge ... tracts of land, and a very Scandinavian appeal. Yay Seven!

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