Shiira Browser

How did I ever live without it? Firefox? Rubbish! IE7? Primitive! Safari? You have got to be joking!

Shiira is the bomb. It is the bomb's bomb. It is browsing as it was always supposed to be.

So many features missing in all other browsers! And fast as a ferrari! And tab expose. I mean, fer cryin' out loud, tab expose! Ahhhh!

First ruby, now this. I'm beginning to think the Japanese really are smarter than other races.

System Requirements: Yeah, but come on, everyone runs OSX now. The only goobers left in windows land are the mums and dads who really aren't competent to drive this beast. Oh, and there are those linux nuts. I never could figure out what they were on about. Spend weeks and weeks installing packages over and over ... strictly for the fetishists. --trolling because, hey, why not?
You have to love that enthusiasm: "Tiger provides a powerful graphic library that is called Core Image. That is very great, we MUST leverage it."
Can you explain what's good about this for non-teenagers?

Shiira is a new OSX-only browser based on Apple's WebKit?, upon which Apple's Safari is also based. Shiira includes many novel features including the much vaunted but almost useless "tab expose", which is based on Apple's expose (damned if I can make an accented e - WikiGnomes? please help and then delete these parens). If you spend much time with browsers you probably ought to have a look at it.

So what is 'tab expose' and why is it so cool?

As for the enthusiasm, I'm beginning to think there is an Asian JoyfulSoftwareEthic that we in the West would do well to learn.

Gack. With some individuals, yes of course (and they exist in the West as well), but definitely not, in general, in the corporate environments in Japan and Hong Kong etc. They oppress their software guys possibly even worse than we see in the West; think of the original Mac announcement ad.

So this is basically just a custom 'skin' for Safari, right?

I guess that's nice, but... I can't live without my FireFox plugins. Last time I tried Safari, it was far too restrictive. And last time I looked at OSX's Expose, it was still only a very clumsy, full-screen, multi-keystroke replacement for not having a proper always-visible TaskBar? in the first place. (The Dock doesn't cut it because it doesn't show multiple instances of applications, and it's very hard to visually distinguish running applications from non-launched ones.)

The Mac GUI is pretty and seems nice if you've never used anything more powerful, but so many Mac users I know seem to have to use laborious s-l-o-w mousing gestures to do what I can do in Windows or Linux with a few keyboard clicks (or zero clicks and just a single glance). As a keyboard-centric user and a fairly fast touch-typist, I find most Apple interfaces just really too slow and mouse-centric to use productively.

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