Shin Tak

It's a short form for Shinmen Takezou, which is an alias someone (me!) uses often on the web, sometimes shortening the first part to Shin, which also can mean new in japanese, and killing spaces; here I've made it a little bit shorter. Since as sign I write it in camel case style, this triggered a ?, and I could not help filling this definition. Searching for "shintakezou" on the web you could find me as a contributor to RosettaCode (which is a wiki), and maybe something more (among these: people who are not me... I have no a patent on this name:D, nor I want to have it!) -- ShinTak

I have recently read RealNamesPlease, so I put here my real name (MauroPanigada), but this alone is not enough since there are people who have my same name and are not myself. Using here and there nicknames derived from Shinmen Takezou, or Miyamoto Musashi, could help identifying Mauro Panigada as me and not another Mauro Panigada. I appear with this nick or similar on nongnu/gnu, RosettaCode, and even FaceBook. If you see only the nick, you can't be sure it is me. If you see only the name, you can't be sure it is me. If you see both, maybe it is really me. -- ShinTak

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