Silicon Valley Patterns Group

The Silicon Valley Patterns Group meets weekly on Tuesday Evenings at a Cafe in Cupertino. The location is relaxing and the conversation is engaging.

The group studies established analysis and design patterns and is also planning Pattern Hatching and Workshopping sessions. We have had a strong secondary interest in ExtremeProgramming.

Every Tuesday
7:00pm - 9:00pm
21265 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino CA 95014
(408) 255-6010
in The Oaks mall

Patterns enthusiasts, any level of experience.
There are no requirements for membership and regular attendance is encouraged but not required.


Follow any regional map to Hwy 85 and follow it to the Stevens Creek Blvd exit in Cupertino (this is south of I280). Proceed East on Stevens Creek to the first light (at Mary), take the left-most turn lane.(DeAnza College and the Flint Center will be on the right). Make a U-Turn at Mary and take the first driveway on the right into the Oaks Center. We will be meeting at Hobee's.

Current information is available via the mailing list, .

Recent Topics:

The CAP Theorem and Distributed Databases -- August 2009.

Various Manuscript Reviews - May-July 2009.

Erlang -- 2008.

Genetic Programming -- February/March 2008.

Hadoop -- January 2008

Machine Learning Track -- July - September 2005.

Offshore Outsourcing / EdYourdon's BrainDrain -- April 2004.

Domain Driven Design by EricEvans (reprise) -- November 2003.

Beyond Software Architecture by LukeHohmann -- July 2003.

Patterns of Software Architecture track (PoSa) - Fall 2002.


Early 2000 -- DougLea's Concurrent Programming in Java

Late 2000 -- GoF DesignPatterns (second pass) using JoshuaKerievsky's suggested study group order.

Sample meeting notes:

20-May-2003 GregorHohpe and BobbyWoolf's Enterprise Integration Patterns

25-Jun-2002 Crista Lopes, The D Framework (predecessor to AspectJ)

24-Apr-2001 Product Trader and Pluggable Factory

1-May-2001 Beck's Leadership Patterns


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