Silver Bullet Conspiracy

The Silver Bullet Conspiracy is a belief that:

Sometimes, it is unspecified what the SilverBullet alledgedly is. Other times, a particular technology which is widely praised but a commercial failure (SmalltalkLanguage for instance) is claimed to be a SilverBullet, and its failure in the marketplace is ascribed to the SilverBulletConspiracy.

Most if not all allegations of the SilverBulletConspiracy don't hold water. Most proposed silver bullets have been found to be made of lead or other base metals (occasionally one may find a silver alloy); and in the days of OpenSource software it would be nigh impossible for any vendor to actively suppress any technology. (Even with patents; the patented SilverBullet would have to be described in the patent application; it couldn't be kept secret).

Is this a joke?

See also: GoldenHammer, SilverBullet

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