Simple Thin Java Server Page

We use WebSphere Studio to build JavaServerPages. We are told to use only PointAndClickNoJavascript techniques to develop our web pages. We are not allowed to HandCodeJavaServerPage it. This UtopianIdeaOfSeparatingTheTasks forces us to create SpartanInterface?s but that's ok, we've gotten used to it. We try and keep to processing in the Java bean's getters as they're placed on the JavaServerPage. Also, we sometimes using LazyInitialization, or what I call VirtuallyInitializedAccessors. Dio lazarone


Creating a JavaServerPage in WebSphere Studio in RightsManagent application steps.

  1. Figure out what the page should show.
  2. Write a Java Interface in VAJ, then export it so that the
  3. VAJSeemlessWebDevelopmentYeahRight of WebSphere Studio can see the bean of what will go on the page.
  4. and oh by the way, be sure the properties of the Interfaces are other Interfaces within your project.
  5. or a String object. And certainly, get ready to NeverReturnANull by possibly using Lazy


Developing a Java Server Page with Notepad.exe as opposed to using an JSP designer like WebSphere Studio to develop SimpleThinJavaServerPages.


Let's be frank, they pay us Java guys plenty of dough, they'd like to be able to go back to their higher ups and say.... Yeah but, we've got a plan. The Java guys come in and build the nuts and bolts of the application, and the rest is maintained by non-programmer types. That way, we're controlling costs.

FrederickTaylor? would be proud. Why shouldn't we rather say to the blazers, "You can continue to get return on your development investment indefinitely."

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