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While the obvious win of WikiWikiWeb is the smooth group collaboration it encourages, even inspires, the instant editing and linking of the ideas one comes up with oneself (when one comment leads to a handful of new terms) could be useful if extracted out as an application of its own, perhaps with the ability to tie back in to an existing Wiki (upload pages? merge?) -- MarkEichin
JimCoplien built a WikiWikiWeb "clone" that I have used in just that way. There are some tricky parts in getting HTML and WikiWikiWeb syntax working together that lead to some frustration, but it can be done.

If you're not insistent on HTML and in-line hypertext links, emacs' info system supports the networked text, and, given editing privileges, yields a fairly nice implementation. HyperCard and Smalltalk systems also make such systems rather easy to construct. I've made such browsers with all three systems -- unfortunately none of them is currently available to me at work! I'm using a clone of JimCoplien's system. -- JoeDavison
I feel the instant-hotlinks are an important feature. What I've done so far is to implement a clone of Wiki based on what I remembered of it's behaviour (Hmm, the idea of ForgetfulnessAsFilter...) in about 400 lines of perl, which I run as a local http server, and talk to from emacs w3-mode. The database load and unload hooks let me move the database between platforms with rdist. Yes, I'll be releasing it soon.

emacs texinfo isn't too bad but it doesn't self-organize very well, there's too much syntax that the user needs to handle. (Hmm, perhaps I could generate texinfo from a wiki database?)

There's a hp/lx palmtop html viewer, "HV", that might be a good start for a hp/lx based wiki engine (it doesn't handle forms or anything, but can handle page editing explicitly, which might be enough, if the editor was a program that gave you the wikipage and generated the html when you quit...) --Mark Eichin
Those who use this space may decide that because of the versatility and usefulness of the WikiWay, that it would be desirable to Own Your Own Wiki. That decision made, you are left with the choice of the many available WikiEngines and WikiWikiClones. Since this PersonalWiki will reside on a machine over which you exercise control, you may use it in any way and insert any type of material you find will meet your needs. Some of the possible uses include the following:

You can maintain a personal information manager. Use it to:

You can also keep track of and notify via intranet of the activities of a team, group, or association.

You can save your favorite pages from this wiki and the pages you author and/or participate in.

You can use it in connection with your PaperPorting to file pages away and delete them from the active directory.

You can use it to author or insert snippets of code for programming. Record metaphors, abstractions, jokes, cartoons, quotes, and sayings.

You can use it to record book lists, movie lists, cd lists, or other various list of interest, including inventory lists.

Wiki Used
I'm toying with the idea of building a TwentyDollarWikiDevice using a cheap Microcontroller plus some external memory. The problem is how to talk to it.


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