Six Degrees Of Extreme Programming

Interesting problems for WikiMines:

Take the subgraph of the WikiList that is connected to the WikiPage ExtremeProgramming. With and without ReverseLinkEnabled. With or without RecentChanges.

For each combination, how many nodes does that subgraph contain? Compared to the entire WikiList? What's the mean and median last edited date on that subgraph? Of the other pages?

In that subgraph, what's the maximum path length from any node to ExtremeProgramming? With or without ReverseLinkEnabled?

How would these numbers compare to any other randomly (or not so randomly) selected WikiPage?

Is ExtremeProgramming is a WikiCentre? ala NatureOfOrder?

From VisualTour, this appears to be the case.

See also NewEmptyPage?. [sic]

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