Sk Avery Simple Wiki

After looking at the PersonalWiki page and downloading some of the wikis, DanParks decided he could do more with less. So he sat down and hacked out some Perl code...and ended up with sk, a (very) simple wiki.

sk's claims to fame are: However, sk might not be for you if you require: Download sk from, or try out the sandbox at

More info about sk is available at

I take it you need to run a WebServer, even when all you want is a PersonalWiki? Yes.

This is generally not a problem. It belongs to a general category of statements of the form, "I need to run <x>, when all I want is a <y>?" You can replace <x> and <y> with "DBMS" and "accounting software", "operating system" and "word processor," "a Web browser" and "document viewer," and so on. As even the smallest platforms increase in capacity and power (mobile phones and PDAs, for example), the need for <x>s to run <y>s increases developer productivity (because no wheels need be re-invented) with minimal user impact.

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