Skip Sailors

Robert S. (Skip) Sailors at work or at home. for excruciating detail.

I am a programmer with opinions, probably like most that visit this Wiki. I first visited, I think, in '95 and my visits are occasional. I don't have much to say about myself here, but you might find a few things I've had to say about a WikiWord here or there. Most recently I've been thinking you should WriteTheUserManualFirst. If you want to know more about me, that's what the links above are for.

That said, I hope it is enough to convince all y'all that this page isn't spam. I thank the kind author who rescued my HomePage from obscurity.

Skip, I've restored your HomePage, which someone deleted because they thought it was spam...

Do you know SkipLists? I know, that they are not named after you, but I couldn't but add this link :-) Ah, so this is not the list of entries that appear when I google myself ;)


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