Slide Ware

SlideWare is software that exists only on slides. Colorful, fancy, PowerPoint driven presentations of nothing. One form of VaporWare.
A riddle sometimes heard among developers:

Q: On what platform does (name your bloatware) run most effectively?
A: An overhead projector...

Also known as Power Point Application:

An application that only works as a PowerPoint presentation.

Characteristics of such applications that solve all problems, integrate seamlessly with all existing applications, run on platforms, performance is brilliant (i.e., twice as fast as the competition), and cost a fraction of the cost of what the competition offers. The best part about PowerPointApplication?s is that they take next to no time to realize.

The "setup tool" for my cable router was SlideWare. After I went to the trouble of installing WindowsXp on dual boot, all the stupid thing did was walk me through all the steps that could have been in the manual.

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