Smalltalk Issue Of Byte

Volume 6, Number 8, August 1981

This issue of ByteMagazine shows SmalltalkLanguage as a colorful balloon rising from the Land of Smalltalk (

The original image used on the cover: Available from The Internet Archive at

AdeleGoldberg explains in her opening article that the cover ...

	... depicts the clouds clearing from around the 
	kingdom of Smalltalk, and, with banners streaming, 
	the Smalltalk system is taking flight into the 
	mainstream of the computer programming community.

From the table of contents...

And, somehow these articles leaked into the otherwise single topic issue...

We've just posted the August 1996 BYTE stuff on the Web. We've added to the Web site an expanded version of the popular Blasts from the Past column: stories reconstituted from 5, 10, and 15 years ago.

15 years ago this August was Larry Tesler's seminal Smalltalk article:

Thanks to JoyLynBlake for lovingly recovering some of these ancient treasures.

-- JonUdell

And there I was thinking that this page was going to be about some Smalltalk-specific issue to do with endianness. JasonGrossman

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