Smalltalk Report

Alas, SmalltalkReport was discontinued in 1998.

The SmalltalkReport was a SmalltalkLanguage-only trade magazine published by SIGS []. Its editors were JohnPugh and PaulWhite, two fine gentlemen who are also co-founders of TheObjectPeople.

BobbyWoolf, KentBeck and KyleBrown regularly published articles in the magazine. JanSteinman and BarbaraYates had an ongoing column. KenAuer, WardCunningham and many other patterns people have published there as well. It had a sister magazine--the CppReport, also published by SIGS.

What about publishing a Smalltalk ezine? Why not leverage various articles and focus upon increasing the profile of Smalltalk. Smalltalk truly is a better language and development environment than Java and C++. -- JohnGardner

There are a couple of Smalltalk e-zines of various forms around. e.g.: There's also a Smalltalk Web ring recently started up which would help find others. -- AlanKnight

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