Smeet Frog

The SmeetFrog is an UrbanLegend local to Ypsilanti Michigan. Most townfolk believe that a good laugh is therapy for the ExcessivelySerious?, a condition that afflicts people of all ages and from all walks of life.

For your edification, a SmeetFrog is:
  1. A frog possessing a furry coat, adapting it to sub-arctic conditions.
  2. Webbing underneath the arms allowing it to achieve flight-like behavior with each leap, much as a flying squirrel.
  3. Migratory behavior.
  4. Locality of habitat between two places: the Huron River of Michigan in particular, Ypsilanti, and some yet undiscovered arctic summer vacation spot (thought to be the northern coast of Labrador.
  5. An urban legend enjoying several newspaper articles spanning several years giving varying accounts but all hinting on the possibility that frog is a real living species.
  6. Raised eyebrows from biologists at several universities who have been asked to explain by curious gradeschool science teachers.
  7. A creature on a label of a micro-brewed beer with accompanying text touting the legend.
  8.

Although the domain names and are currently registered, the information about this curious creature still lives at
Possibly related to the DropBear?, a well-known marsupial.

Absolutely, one should always buy DropBearRepellant? from the locals when visiting foreign parts to avoid lengthy and inconvenient hospital visits.

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