Sociology Wiki Seed List

My, don't we have our work cut out for us? This is a list of pages that have been selected as seed material for TheReformSociety. No doubt there are many more, and also no doubt some of the material on these pages won't fit TheReformSociety's charter (mainly the SearchForTruth stuff ...) and some people will want some of these pages to stay on C2, or go elsewhere, come to think of it, and in general moving stuff from one wiki to another has always proven an acrimonious and thankless task.

So in the effort of moving and refactoring these pages, I'm just going to start with the "A"s and work my way down. Any kind soul who joins in this work will have the undying gratitude and respect of little old me, at least. -- PeterMerel

... and some of the pages they link to.

Here is the TwinPages listing from the MetaWikiSearchEngine for the above list. You can likely delete every page listed below without too much concern.

Unless of course, they contain material not encompassed by the page title. Thinking that pages are similar just because they share a title is extremely narrow-minded.

Why would they contain material not encompassed by the page title? If so, we should delete the pages completely.

Whatever and says you. For a convenient example, compare the pages FightClub and; the former is a discussion which is entirely fair but that the latter would not want to have.

You have been on Wiki for over a year, yet it's amazes me that you haven't learnt anything from all these intelligent people surrounding you. Nothing can be automated. Everything must be done by hands, hearts, and minds by everyone together. You fail to apply anything but your skull, all alone like a bull moose. I have nothing to defend.

 AtlasShrugged AtlasShrugged WikiPedia AynRand AynRand WikiPedia 
 AynRand Ayn_Rand WikiPedia WikiPedia 
 WikiPedia BillGates BillGates WhyClublet 
 BillGates Bill+Gates Foldoc BillGates Bill_Gates WikiPedia 
 BillOfRights Bill_of_Rights WikiPedia BillOfRights Bill_of_rights WikiPedia 
 BraveNewWorld Brave_new_world WikiPedia BraveNewWorld Brave_New_World WikiPedia 
 ClassStriation ClassStriation MeatBall 
 ClockworkOrange Clockwork_Orange WikiPedia 
 CorporateGovernment CorporateGovernment MeatBall 
 CorporateWelfare CorporateWelfare MeatBall CryptoCracy CryptoCracy MeatBall 
 DirectAction DirectAction MeatBall FederalistPapers Federalist_papers WikiPedia 
 FederalistPapers Federalist_Papers WikiPedia 
 FightClub Fight_Club WikiPedia FoundingFathers Founding_Fathers WikiPedia 
 FreeMarket Free_market WikiPedia HomeSchool? HomeSchool? AndStuffWiki 
 JohnRawls John_Rawls WikiPedia KarlMarx Karl_Marx WikiPedia 
 MargaretThatcher MargaretThatcher WhyClublet 
 MargaretThatcher Margaret_Thatcher WikiPedia 
 NewWorldOrder New_World_Order WikiPedia NewWorldOrder NewWorldOrder WhyClublet 
 NoamChomsky Noam_Chomsky WikiPedia NoamChomsky NoamChomsky WhyClublet WikiPedia 
 ParetoPrinciple Pareto_principle WikiPedia 
 SapirWhorfHypothesis SapirWhorfHypothesis MeatBall WikiPedia 
 SapirWhorfHypothesis Sapir-Whorf_hypothesis WikiPedia 
 StarshipTroopers Starship_Troopers WikiPedia 
 TragedyOfTheCommons TragedyOfTheCommons MeatBall 
 TragedyOfTheCommons Tragedy_of_the_commons WikiPedia 
 UnitedStates United_States WikiPedia UnitedStates UnitedStates WikiPedia 
 UnitedStatesConstitution United_States_Constitution WikiPedia 
 UnitedStatesConstitution UnitedStatesConstitution WikiPedia 
 UnitedStatesOfAmerica United_States_of_America WikiPedia 
 VietnamWar Vietnam_war WikiPedia VietnamWar Vietnam_War WikiPedia 
 VietnamWar Viet_Nam_War WikiPedia WageSlave WageSlave MeatBall 
 PersonalTelco  WorldTradeCenter World_Trade_Center WikiPedia 

A tragic irony that this page, which started out as trying to decide which pages to rescue from the wiki cleansers, is now being used as a quick and easy execution list. Why the hurry in trying to find things to delete?

I'm using all the indices available, more than you probably even know exist. I'm actually not using this page at all. There is a lot that I have done that I must now fix. FixYourWiki. -- SunirShah

Philosophy-related pages that may or may not be OnTopic initially:

There is an ongoing SociologyWikiSeedListDiscussion about which pages deserve inclusion in this list.

What do you think about the WikicraticRules? statement ? Is it the foundation of society and hence sociology ? -pj

Instead of a list, wouldn't it be easier to just add the tag, SociologyWiki to the pages we think would be good seed?
Given the current unexistence of a SociologyWiki per se, consider TheAdjunct as an alternative destination.

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