Software Engineering Criticism

I have seen much criticism on SoftwareEngineering recently (MayZeroFive), which I want to group here:

I have seen much BullShit? with false pretension of criticism in MayZeroFive; do you want to consolidate it for posterity? -- CostinCozianu

What do you expect? Letting it lie as unrefactored ThreadMess and clutter the WikiSpace? I'd rather document what is there and belongs together as long as that it clear. -- GunnarZarncke

Well, you could refactor something else instead or you could contribute some real content, but of course, it's your privilege to decide how you choose to waste your time. -- Costin

Doing some less liked cleanup work for the WikiCommunity is part of the professional responsibility of a WikiZen, don't you think? But of course, it's your privilege to let some corners of this wiki become a WikiSlum?, where WikiTroll?s live in a ThreadMess. -- .gz

See also: ScienceAndTools

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