Software That Punishes The User

If some software forces you to do things perfectly the first time you try them, and punishes you by making you repeat all you did because you made a little mistake in some part of the work, then that software is unforgiving, it is SoftwareThatPunishesTheUser.

Typical examples are: Perhaps this indicates a need for FirstClassUndo? See also TheHumaneInterface and DontModeMeIn.

Language wars have no place on this page. Unless you can justify the below's existance with something more than the same old "BondageAndDiscipline" rhetoric that everyone's heard, and utterly disagreed with, in the past, I will remove this. --SamuelFalvo?

LanguageIsAnOs, SamuelFalvo?, and NoApplication is a possible and likely path for the future. As consequence, the distinction between language, operating system, and software are blurring to near non-existence. I intend to help that blurring along, based on my own desires and wishes: DontModeMeIn -> NoApplication -> extensible OperatingSystem -> DontModeMeIn -> DistributedOperatingSystem? -> LanguageIsAnOs -> extensible, distributed Language -> one big, distributed IntegratedDevelopmentEnvironment -> WikiIde (that, as much as possible, wont mode me in). So, I must say that I don't agree; I'm convinced that all arguments about software are ultimately about language.

I don't know who initially created this page, but languages have users Samuel, ,and many consider strict languages something that punish the user. In my opinion a language that punishes a user in one way can save him in another way - and that a combination of punishing and not punishing in the right ways is the best compromise. So since languages do have users, I think languages that punish the user are similar to software that punishes the user.. since computer programming languages are software. Even unix permission system punishes people, or leads to punishment.

The opposite of TheHumaneInterface.

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