Sowjet Plus

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Sowjet+ is the software that will drive the intranet communication platform of a Switzerland-based ngo (non-governmental organization) that wants to coordinate its activities and projects with the aid of Sowjet+. Development has started in December 2002, so you won't find a fully developed tool.

The basic concept is inspired by software tools like Indesign and QuarkXPress, which I am familiar with; to edit content, just doubleclick on the text...

This Software is in a very early stage, so please don't expect much documentation. If you are interested in developing sowjet+, please feel free to contribute. Thanks. -- Dominique Wehrli.

Ack, can't... read... Swiss. Must interpolate meaning of SowjetPlus with my suburban American puerile brain...

Heh. I immediately thought the term "sowjet" must have something to do with the expression "if pigs could fly!" No offense intended!

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