Spaces Between Words

Before I realized that ThisWiki is JustaBunchOfFiles? with some fine participating editors, I thought the primary unifying character was its BumpyCase things that TurnBlue when pages exist behind them.

In fact, when one begins to learn a new spoken language, one of the first difficulties is hearing the SpacesBetweenWords -- it turns out that they DO NOT EXIST, there were no SpacesBetweenWords for most of human evolution (if you can believe in that) -- the spaces didn't exist till after we learned how to write down the words. ThisWiki has made some spaces disappear, because we recognize patterns. Doesn't your concept of a Red Hat differ from RedHat?

To carry it further, REDHat or even redHat can carry additional inflections which are possible in spoken language, but not usually so in written language. This to me is one of the important factors in grouping words together to express concepts or ideas. That is the strongest characteristic of WikiWords, an even though some here have narrowed the usage and have applied restrictions by such conventions as WikiIsNotaDictionary, the potential remains in the technology if not in the specific application of what a WikiWord really can be. It is more than a title, or name. It is perhaps best described as an "idea". I for one am not for narrowing down what WikiWords are, but rather in expanding what they "can be". -- DonaldNoyes

Here's a quote stolen from the WikiPedia article on FORTRAN,, that seemed appropriate here: Consistently separating words by spaces became a general custom about the tenth century A.D., and lasted until about 1957, when FORTRAN abandoned the practice. — Sun FORTRAN Reference Manual

See WikiWordsAreConcepts

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