Spam Defense Roadmap

RoadMap to various types of Spams and/or SpamDefensiveStrategies.

A very abstract definition of spam:

Communication mediums that are spammable

Any site on the net is spammable with ping -f (flood ping) or other fun denial of service attacks (see DenialOfService on MeatballWiki).

The landscape and language of Spam

WeCanStopSpam SpamBot DeadSpam SpamMadeEmailUseless SpamMail SubmarineSpam SpamPerSe

Pages with "Spam" in title and relates to WikiSpam


SpammedWikisDatabase WikiSpam WikiSpamBlocker WikiSpamBot WikiSpamSolutions SpamWillBeRemoved AntiWikiSpamScripts SpamHereOnly

Ways of dealing with SpamMail

Try a EmailHurdle, or use NameMangling. Whatever you do, do not use OptOut if you are spammed.

See also ThrowawayEmailAndRidYourselfOfSpam

Solutions include protecting email addresses, and what to do if you do get spammed anyway.

PosterCentricMessageSubscriptionProtocol is a new design for a SpamProof communications system -- PhilipDorrell.

SpamSolutions contains a pro/con comparision of some of these proposed solutions.

SpamSolutions that are not specific to emails nor wiki

Reading material

5 Steps for Setting Up a Small-Business Spam Defense,2361,319335,00.html

One is advised not to open suspicious or untrusted emails. However, every now and then the subject of the email by sheer coincidence alines with a current legitimate project or activity. If you spam enough, you'll eventually hit that lucky coincidence and hook somebody.

See also SocialEngineering

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