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Wiki's spelling checker will indicate spelling mistakes in a page which you have just edited. Use the back button on your browser to return to the edit form and correct these errors.

The spell checker is currently disabled with the move to the new server.

Why are there checkboxes next to words flagged as misspelled?

At one time, the checkboxes allowed words to be added to the dictionary, but they stopped working after an operating system upgrade.

Problems with the spelling checker



Proposed changes

Discussion of allowing WikiZens to add words

Allowing WikiZens to add words could lead to the addition of misspelled words.

Proposed solutions:

To stay totally true to the Wiki ideal, perhaps the dictionary could be edited as if it were a normal Wiki page.

The non-functioning ispell dictionary is available. The last entry was made Apr 25, 1998.

SpellingChecker specifically for Wiki is Available.

Well, I'm working on an alternate spell checker, and I originally wasn't going to allow the users to update the spell-checker database itself. Nor was I going to preserve the option to use British spelling; however, after reading this page, I may put these features back in.

The wiki I use is UseModWiki, but I'm writing the spell checker as external and will try to make it as easy as possible to integrate into existing wiki systems, by just adding a single button to the wiki editor and some minor change to the code itself so it can post the result for you. It tries very hard to give you suggestions to your words in a drop-down list in place of the misspelled word, and you can bypass the spelling checker because you can save as normal instead of using the spell check button. I want it to be non-intrusive, as well as being useful, and will be adding dictionary and thesaurus features as well. Note: It's no longer external. This was too difficult, so a diff is available. The stand-alone is still available as well, but does not save.

The back end uses Aspell, a slightly more powerful checker than ispell, and is done completely in PerlLanguage - no JavaScript or JavaLanguage. If you want to try it out, a mock-up is on my site (changes often as I work on it and do more testing and add/remove features) and I hope to have it integrated very soon. Feel free to check it out and leave a message on my site or email me.

Me again ... that spell checker is DONE! It's integrated with UseMod, but porting shouldn't be too difficult. Diffs are available, and it fully supports WikiWords, plus everything asked for above. Drop by my site from the EvanLanglois page and see how you like it! I'd like some feedback. Thanks! -- EvanLanglois

If one has MicrosoftWord installed and has at least InternetExplorer 5.01, then there is a nice little script called "Spell.vbs" that can be downloaded from http://www.pcnineoneone.com/tweaks/scripts8.html. The file to download is http://www.pcnineoneone.com/tweaks/spell.zip. Once you have this little script, it then becomes a snap to highlight and copy any text to the clipboard then invoke the script. After spelling corrections are made to the text on the clipboard, paste it over your original text in your wiki edit window. Simple and quick. It should be noted, however, that there is (or at least there was) a conflict with Word that comes with Win-XP. I did manage to find a solution.

The Word 2002 problem was that any time Word was run, it would clear the clipboard of anything that was previously copied there. Not good for using Spell.vbs. I talked to the author of Spell.vbs, and neither him nor others in that forum could solve the problem. I did eventually find the solution on this page: http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/story.hts/tech/weekly/1439314.

Here is the quoted text from the site:



I uninstalled the Works-To-Word add-in, and that solved the problem nicely.

There is another similar spelling vbs file called "SpellCheck.vbs" available from: http://billsway.com/vbspage/ Download: http://billsway.com/vbspage/vbsfiles/SpellCheck.zip. I can see no difference in the performance of the two.
Is, or how long, has the SpellingChecker been operative/nonoperative? (It came up on one of my recent edits - Is it working again?) -- 200909232155
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