Spike Wiki

moved from SpiKe
Actually spelt Spike - a WikiClone being developed in Java by DaveHarris and RalphMellor.

[See ServletBasedWiki or JavaWiki for details on other WikiWikiClone(s) written in Java]

This project is currently on hold, due to lack of finance. (May, 1998)

Actually, by now, it is quite dead. 10/22/00

So why is this page still here?

It's referenced from a few places, so either those pages should be refactored or (preferably) this page left as a death notice. The comments elsewhere seem non-trivial, and expunging history won't let it serve as a lesson to other cloners.

There is also substantially more info on SpikeWiki on the WikiWikiWeb twin page: http://c2.com/w4/wikibase/?SpiKe

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