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In 1985 a group of 4 pioneers in object-oriented programming decided to plan and organize a North American conference on object-oriented programming systems.

The group was AdeleGoldberg, TomLove, DavidSmith?, and AllenWirfsBrock, and the conference was OOPSLA – ObjectOrientedProgramming, Systems, Languages, and Applications.

The first OOPSLA was held at the Marriott Hotel in Portland, Oregon, in November 1986. About 600 people attended, about 50 papers were presented, and the attendees heard about Smalltalk, Lisp, Flavors, CommonLoops?, Emerald, Trellis/Owl, Mach, Prolog, ABCL/1, prototypes, and distributed/concurrent programming from people like DannyBobrow?, GregorKiczales, RickRashid?, AndrewBlack, DaveUngar?, HenryLieberman?, RalphJohnson, DanIngalls, WardCunningham, KentBeck, IvarJacobson, and BertrandMeyer.

Since 2010, SPLASH has been the conceptual and administrative umbrella for OOPSLA, Onward!, a variety of other program events such as the Educators' Symposium, Experience Reports, Workshops, Panels, etc., and a variety of colocated events. OOPSLA is now 'just' the technical track of highquality research papers that had been at the core of the OOPSLA Conference from the beginning.

At the same time, OOPSLA has broadened the scope of topics of interest well beyond OO, and currently accepts a variety of programming-related papers. By creating SPLASH as the umbrella conference, the community can now sustain new paper tracks that don't fit in OOPSLA but that are closely related, therefore giving itself the space to innovate, just like it did with Onward!

SPLASH is proud of its OOPSLA heritage of creativity and openness.

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