Spring Picnic

Dreams of a dance only 1.7 years ago...

Subtitle: Crow & Raven dance, tri-summer feast, 28,505 B.P.

MIX to Vang (12yo) and at dusk in a quick night camp - his big sister Našine (13yo) hangs in a woven hammock between two saplings. Temperate forest location. Tradition requires Vang, having returned from a hunt, to narrate it before more rest. He's perched in a tree; there's a bark tent downslope from them built under a large fallen log. They are above the level of the general forest.

Vang: ...anOther thing I miss about the alps is our ancestral trail system, and all them rock & log huts with good hearths, and dried food safe from varmints, and good firewood stacked outside. Now I can't go back 3 clicks without I hit our old huts and dogs have been thru them. The raccoons in that area drool funny.

Našine oO(Yea, and my bones ain't stopped hurting since)...

Našine: Where's dogs? I been up the vales like you suggested.

Vang: Back north, where the raccoons have it too. A pack's pacing us; one bitch has dropped - wanna roast a six-pack? They're gettin' big.

Našine oO(why is he suggesting this fauna harvest schedule?): I'm sore from carrying food.

INSERT flashback: Vang examines, disgruntled, the end of a rope hanging down from a tall smooth tree. He is beside a ruined bark hut, in early morning, with a lopped tree nearby and a broad mead behind. His packs lay where the door flap on the east side was.

Vang: They are dogs, you're fat on Our food, and I wanna be able to hunt back up river? I could try for good feathers this late in spring. 'Sides, I dunno if they ain't rabid yet.

From the current shot, down on both their faces from the crown of the tree, an ocelot kitten on the ground looks up at the bottom of the hammock.

Našine (a beat): Well, you're evidently willing to hunt them... The largish kitten stands on her belly.

Vang oO(in for a nut out for a bushel): Awrite! Wad'z headlady Našine suggest??

Našine (in silence): Capture the best pup.

Vang (puzzled): Pup?

Našine: Then we burn the six-pack.

Vang: I can do a pup. Spotted?

-- PhlIp

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