St Benedicts Rule

St Benedict's Rule, circa 547 AD

If any pilgrim shall come from distant parts with wish to dwell in the monastery, and will be content with the customs of the place, and does not by his lavishness disturb the monastery but is simply content, he shall be received for as long as he wishes.

If, indeed, he shall find fault with anything, and shall expose the matter reasonably and with the humility of charity, the Abbott shall discuss it with him prudently lest perchance God hath sent him for this very thing.

But, if he shall have been found contumacious during his sojourn in the monastery, then it shall be said to him, firmly, that he must depart. If he will not go, let TwoStoutMonks, in the name of God, explain the matter to him.

-- DaveSmith

An early form of ParkingLotTherapy

And a more recent form of UrbanLegend. (see TwoStoutMonks)

(A writer for the Order of Saint Benedict refers to this as an UrbanLegend in this article: -- PaulCrowley)
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