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Things to consider:

I'm starting a wiki, and I've copied my the TextFormattingRules for the WikiEngine i'm using, and am now wondering about various good bits here, such as GoodStyle, WikiName, etc. What is the feeling about CopyingWikiPages? (with/without modification)?

Don't copy pages without getting permission. See WikiCopyRights.

Hmmm. Seems like time for someone to create an OpenContent WikiManual?. I've already started PGN'ing some of the technical stuff. The essence stuff will be harder and more fun, but it's crazy for each person who starts a Wiki to have to start from scratch. Or point here so much they risk losing people.

Actually, if you just ask, you'll probably get an emphatic yes. But that depends on the person you're asking, too. However, just taking stuff without asking is a big no-no in any context.

If the topic (and hence target audience) is not computer-related, it will be hard to find people with an interest in your topic and in wiki. Start with those who are excited about the topic (ContentOverForm) and you think might get excited by wiki. Sitting down with some people and showing them wiki will make a big difference.

Good natured leadership solves most problems. OriFolger? told me a story about how his wiki got demolished by people arguing over AppropriateWikiTopics. No one was respected enough by that point to go, "Hey, this is what we will talk about." In fact, the explanation doesn't need to be explicit, but it should still be clear. -- SunirShah

I have the hope of creating a wikiweb for my school (Liberty Charter High School) of which I am a student. While there seems to be a large proliferation of Web pages about starting wikis, wiki farms, etc. I haven't been able to find much useful information. I am not aware of the differences in various wikis, however I do find that this wiki's format/engine (whatever?) would be just fine for my purposes.

I would like to request answers to the following questions:

1. How do you setup your own wiki that is accessible on the WorldWideWeb?
 a) would this require setting up a server, or is there a free wiki-farm that could provide the service?

2. Would it be possible to make a wiki with the same engine as this one? (i.e., would there be copyright issues?)

3. How would I setup the engine if it is obtainable for this use?

Replies to these questions are welcome to either my e-mail ( or as an appendage to this page.

You could try the RunningYourOwnWikiFaq, but I suspect you might be happier setting up a wiki on a public WikiFarm like SeedWiki. It's much less work than setting up your own WebServer, installing & configuring a wiki, etc.

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