Stephan Houben

"Stephan, AreYouThere?, Last edited 14 March 2005, (this tag added 26 November 2010) (Not really an OrphanPage)." -- SamDisanto
I'm a Ph.D. student in numerical mathematics at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TheNetherlands, part of Europe for the geographically challenged).

As such, I write and rewrite lots of toy programs. Any opinions I have on designing large pieces of software are most likely false.

E-mail me at, but only if you really want to... My real homepage is at (Empty page - BrokenLink? 2004-11-11) (At least a subdirectory is available. 2005-03-14

MountRushmore is in South Dakota. -- OleAndersen

Stephan - I got your contribution to Schemathics. Thanks a lot! I'll add it ASAP. Your email is bouncing which is why I'm writing to you here. -- NoelWelsh

Stephan - I like your spoof of the LinuxPerceptionProblems page. Of course, it is important to realize that they were only talking about perceptions there, and it was rude of you to intrude with facts. I hope you've learned your lesson. Also, please don't mire technical debates with talk of religion, especially when your critics bring up religion first. After all, talk of religion only mires the discussion. :) -- SteveHowell


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