Steve Jobs

Feb. 24, 1955 - Oct. 5, 2011. Highly-influential innovator in early personal computing (the personal computing era is still young as of 2011). Co-founder of AppleComputer and PixarCompany. Contributed to design and development of notable computing products: AppleOne?, AppleIi, AppleIii?, AppleMacintosh, MacOsx, AppleIpod, AppleiPhone, AppleIpad?, NextStep.

Towards the end of Ray Bradbury's dystopian masterpiece Fahrenheit 451, Montag hides in the woods and meets a reclusive bum.

In a world where everyone has wall-to-wall TV screens in every room (sound familiar?), the bum in the woods has only one little television. It's the size of the palm of his hand. Sound familiar?

That's how the #OccupyWallStreet? Movement works - by taking over parks and setting up a generator, WiFi hub, websites, and live feeds from their demonstrations. The revolution is televising itself.

Steve Jobs's death couldn't have come at a more poignant time in history. The resistance mourns the guy who invented the hand-held TV they use against our dystopia of wall-to-wall propaganda!

A professional entertainer (or slave driver) of software engineers.

He abhorred: He emitted:

He's one of the few CEO's who obtains success primarily from the "stick" instead of the "carrot". Excessive use of the stick almost always fails in management. He's one of the rare exceptions. However, he often does it by inspiring people so intensely that they feel like they actually deserve to be punished. It is somewhat comparable to a religious cult. It may also be that his company filters for a certain personality that is susceptible to his technique. It may work in certain niches, but is probably not universal. If Steve was in charge of making Model T's, they'd be 3 years late and cost twice as much. (However, perhaps Cadillac could have made use of him.)

The Stick in action:

Related to AppleComputer, PixarCompany and NeXt. Partied with SteveWozniak. The flawed hero in PiratesOfSiliconValley.

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