Stuart Charlton

Besides technology, I have a tremendous interest in Business, Strategy, ProjectManagement, Economics, Sociology, and Political Science. My favorite author, by far, is PeterDrucker.

The past four or five years, I have sought to tear down the intellectual bulkheads separating objects from relational data. There are many lessons to be learned by synthesizing these views.

Lessons learned: InexperienceGeneratesFailure, WhyDoYouPermitThisToBeDoneToYou, PairProgrammingIsaWaste (not), SurvivingGuruStatus, WeWillTry, EjbTernaryRelationshipExample, RestArchitecturalStyle

Pages I started: CloudComputing, WebObjects, WebServices, WebServicesAttributes, SnapshotIsolation, MultiversionConcurrencyControl, DesignForPerformance, PseudoBinaryRelationships. Provided revised main definitions for EventDrivenArchitecture and ComplexEventProcessing.

Some important books/authors: SoftwareForYourHead, NatureOfOrder, PeterDrucker, FredrickWinslowTaylor




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