Stuckist Net

Would a discussion of the StuckistNet be OnTopic?

It seems very on-topic. However, it might be premature at this point to split discussion between StuckistNet, StuckistHardware?, StuckistSoftware?, etc., etc. Prematurely splitting a topic can cut off its circulation. Maybe, somebody would like to initiate a parallel discussion about the objectives and the process to reach StuckistNet Should there be some discussion about Apple's apparent stance against TCPA-compliance and possible future boycotts of TCPA-compliant wares?

It is described on TheRegister at

  : [A Stuckist Net - you want in]

(at the bottom, Charles Thomson of the Stuckist Art Group offers some background on the phrase he coined, and appreciates that TheRegister hijacked the word "stuckist" in good faith)

Now the Stuckist Net is not project at all, but a dystopian future, ... But some would think it can be done in a short-term future provided that some try to group resources . Wasn't it part of the original thinking going on at the inception of the GNU project?

The basic plan is to avoid buying or using any TCPA-enabled hardware, and if necessary to build another network away from the telcos. [TCPA=Trusted Computing Platform Alliance]. It should be based upon the use of technologies like:


StuckistHardware? should allow implementation of a non-DRM computer (as part of the StuckistNet). In this sense a full computer will require at least the following items:

- a StuckistCpu? (as powerful as possible without being TCPA-compliant)

Will it come from China (or Asia Pacific) as suggested by TheRegister? Or will it be some more occidental open implementation of a more or less standard specification?

Dragon processor is now in existence, so seems likely that we are looking at China, at least in the short term. Is somebody understanding how it would be purchased from outside China? I get the feeling that it's still not readily available (in Europe, Japan or US) and we may have to wait (for a later version?).

- a StuckistHardDisk? (as large as possible without being TCPA-compliant),

- a StuckistCdRom? or StuckistDvdRom? (here a major question is still whether such a peripheral will be feasible knowing that DVD-ROM already have difficulties with being "zone-compliant" but have de-zoned BIOS softwares),

Should there be a need for StuckistDRAM modules?


The StuckistSoftware? most probable implementation (as of today) is most certainly Linux-based since it gives a lot of leeway in implementing anything you want for the StuckistNet (source code is fully available and any TCPA-compliant code would be easily moved out or made optional).


Naming resources

Encryption-capable protocol

DeletionCandidate: Is this still relevant(last edited October 3, 2002)?

With the NetNeutrality? thing this is definitely still relevant. Software we have (free OSes). Hardware to run the software can be gotten. But the telcoms are trying to control bandwidth. How would one build a parallell, free internet?

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