Sucks Less Principle

X sucks. But every other thing like X which you could use for the same purpose sucks more.

I used to work for a software company whose employees believed We Suck Less was the marketing slogan. They were always FireFighting and tossed due process out the window every time a client phoned with a problem. I guess you could say the process GotBoogered? and hey, so did we. Interestingly, CMM and ISO were not strangers to the managers, they just opted for the chaos. Due to pressure, they did start a ZeroDefects drive (with the goal being to actually have zero defects [sic]), but it too GotBoogered? when then they cut back the budget.

Amen. I did a gig at a medical systems place a while back when they brought in MichaelFagan to preach FaganDefectFreeProcess. Three days later we had our stuff in place to start doing inspections, etc. We saw actual results from all this, right in front of our eyes, with our own material. But did they stick with it? Heck, no! After a couple of months they started "cutting corners," which, of course, blew the whole thing right out of the water. Oy. FaganDefectFreeProcess certainly sucked a lot less than what we had - which was zero - but they went back to the slop anyway. Something about pigs in a poke...

Later: That same nameless medical firm has sold off nearly everything having to do with patient treatment or diagnostic machines. Oh, well. I guess if you can't take the heat you...sell off the operations.
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