Suhayl Masud

I solve problems. Writing software happens to be my method of solving problems. I attended Carleton University in Ottawa to become a software engineer. Along the way, I met WilfLalonde, who has influenced me a great deal.

I have worked at The Object People in Ottawa and worked on interesting projects including TOPLink. This is also where I had a chance to work with the likes of AnthonyLander and AlanKnight. Anthony (also a Wilf disciple) showed me the fun in problem solving.

Currently, I am working at Sanga Research Ottawa. Development over here is 100% Java, and I look forward to prove that ExtremeProgramming will work equally well in Java.

Over the years, I found that I did not particularly enjoy how software was being written. I knew how I liked to code, and knew there had to be other people who thought similarly. Wilf introduced me to NeedsDrivenProgramming which was a great starting point. Anthony gave me the convoluted url of the ExtremeProgramming web page, and thus I found the answer.

I am currently looking forward to using EP on an upcoming project.


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