Supply Chain Management

SupplyChainManagement is a common "enterprise" concern across industries. It falls within the genre of BusinessProcessManagement and is an approach that examines the company in the context of the "world" around it, from suppliers to customers. It is especially relevant in a cost conscious world as companies try to re-invent themselves in a globalized economy. See
StrategicManagement aspects

See The Strategic Implications of WalMart's RFID Mandate at

RadioFrequencyIdTags and SCM ROI . See discussion of BusinessValue at 2004 PRTM view of SupplyChain? performance SCM at Boeing
Supply Chain Management Based on SAP Systems by by GerhardKnolmayer?, PeterMertens?, AlexanderZeier?

ISBN 3540669523 Describes the methodological background from the viewpoint of a company using SAP systems. Describes OrderProcessing? both in an intra- and interorganizational perspective, as well as future developments and system enhancements.

See also EnterpriseResourcePlanning

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