System Envisioning Wiki

A WikiClone Ward helped us set up.

Us -- RalphHodgson and MartineDevos and DougMcDavid

We use the SystemEnvisioningWiki to prepare our Oopsla-workshop (third edition) on SystemEnvisioning. There are some places left :-) so be sure to visit and join us in Vancouver for a highly interactive experience.

Busy on Sunday morning? No problem: you can still help us work on a method for requirements engineering and surfacing "hidden" assumptions. In the afternoon we invite people interested in patterns, or with a strong opinion on patterns to share it in a ConceptCafe on objects and patterns.

Do you want to participate in this experiment -- fun guaranteed !!! -- please contact me as soon possible at

-- MartineDevos

The wiki clone does not respond anymore (quite long ago, I assume). Is there a way to get the materials of the wiki/workshop? --OmCandea

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