System Monitoring


You are designing an auditory display to allow a user to monitor the activity of a potentially dynamic system.


You need to allow the user to perform other tasks and still be continuously and sufficiently aware of the state of the system.



Sonify various processes within the system. Systems that are working perfectly/desirably should exhibit familiar, non-annoying sounds. To indicate undesirable status of processes, one might use lower tones, dissonance, out-of-time rhythm, minor scales, etc.


People can listen to a sonification while performing other tasks. It is usually possible to detect minor changes in frequency, dissonance, rhythm, musical key, etc.

For Example:

Interesting. I've been toying with the idea of making a server room sound like an aviary for several years now. -- JohnDuncan

See also UseSound, BeepInterface, BeepSpeek, SituationalAwareness, [ iPod Transfer to Computer]

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