Tait Cyrus

I've been involved with Unix for close to 20 years and find its stability to be exceptional. I started out designing H/W and then writing the S/W for it (device drivers and custom apps). I moved into all S/W since the turn around time on fixing a bug is measured in seconds or minutes while in the H/W land it is measured in days and weeks. Now I do a little of everything: Unix admin, Perl, PHP, C, builds, Makefiles, CDROM creation, installation, and provide general help answering computer questions.

To find out more about me click the following http://tcyrus.com to go to my personal home page

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A fine fellow who knows a lot about the UnixWay. I believe he is a real person. Not only is he a real person, but he does a wonderful job at work! He is a responsive individual. -- MichaelFinney


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