Take Your Time

Excerpted from SoftlySoftlyCatcheeMonkey:

Step back. Get lazy. Ignore deadlines. Think. Research. Wander. Let the back-burners do some work. Panicking and rushing sure isn't going to get the impossible done. Perhaps you're not in the right place at the right time. Perhaps you'd be better off somewhere else doing something else. Or perhaps there's some other way to get what's needed. You won't find it by looking for it; it has to find you. Let it. --PeterMerel

Ohmigod this is my life! -- JohnFarrell

This got me thinking about what I've learned in the past two or three years. Rush jobs are rarely quality jobs, and often end up taking longer (FirstLawOfProgramming). As a result of being pressured on this issue, and subsequently burned hard, I've started to take my time doing things. No, not slacking; instead, not worrying about unimportant issues (DontGetSideTracked?), ignoring artificial deadlines (DontRush?), and not getting attached to perceived urgency (DontPanic).

See FourQuadrants for the distinction between important and urgent. TakeYourTime means allowing yourself adequate time to properly address QuadrantTwo activites.

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