Tao Intent Os

A compact, general purpose kernel for parallel and EmbeddedSystems, created by the Tao Group. Intent embodies a number of vital ideas: The following processors are currently supported, with others in development: As Intent evolved over the years, its name has changed:

The Taos OperatingSystem was, in essence, an OS designed to run on clusters of heterogeneous processors. Code was stored in VPASM and then compiled or translated at load time to native code. It was small, almost completely hardware independent, fast, loaded and removed OS and application components as and when needed, included message passing primitives, and was generally very nifty. It originally had a desktop version, which evolved into the Elate and then was renamed Intent. It is targeted almost exclusively at the embedded market, where it appears to be doing well.

A development and rename from TAOS. Example: it was the kernel used in Kind Software's port of GNU SmallEiffel: Now renamed again to Intent: Elate was used as the kernel in the new AmigaSdk.

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