Technology Disappointments

These are concepts found in sci-fi or seem like they are just around the corner, but are painfully slow to come. Given are reasons for possible tardiness.
Flying Cars - 3D commute


The Flying Car is hilariously impractical.

A friend once said, "I admire you because you can go up there and fly those things and not every idiot driving around on the freeway can do something like that." An excellent point.

On the other hand, after an unusual predicament in the air one day, a flight instructor said, "just remember, those same idiots driving down there are flying up here." And thus, it was all put into perspective very quickly.

A society of flying cars, the ultimate myth.
Cheap Nuclear Power - 50's predication: "will be too cheap to meter"

Note: converted to document mode. The subject is "reasons for possible tardiness" - not the actual merits and flaws of the technology. TV Phones (actually, some cell-phones are starting to have this)

Safe, Effective Diet Pills

Space Travel for the Masses

Interstellar Space Travel

Cure for Cancer

Cure for the Common Cold

Artificial Intelligence approaching at least Dog Levels

Appliances that Accept Voice Commands

Independence from Oil

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3D User Interface

Cybernetic Implants However Energy-beam Weapons - phaser, lazer, sonic screwdriver, etc. Easy-to-Maintain Personal Computers - Dealing with them is as much of a headache for consumers as owning an automobile. Car Key Alternative - I hate looking for lost keys. Non-Lethal Ranged Weaponry - Law enforcement and security details would go a lot smoother and be less contentious if there were safe ways to render somebody incapacitated without killing them in the process. Reliable Tires - Tires are still based on air-filled balloon technology, making them problematic. Reliable Car Battery - Car batteries are still a constant headache. The solution seems to either be better problem detection/warning, and/or redundancy of some kind.

Cheat Death via ScannedBrainSimulation

Screen Doors that Open, Close, and Lock Smoothly - Why can't they get these right? Dog breeds that use litter boxes instead of your lawn

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