Tele Plop

I think the term came from NeilHarrison or GerardMeszaros. JimCoplien would know for sure.

TelePLoP 1. (n) a gathering of people to discuss the patterns of telecommunications. This gathering might be in the form of WritersWorkshops or just a discussion of the topic aimed at refactoring the patterns or dividing and conquering the (very large & broadly defined) domain. TelePLoP has happened at OOPSLA 96, several ChiliPLoPs, and several separate meetings (usually in conjunction with PLoP) 2. (n) sometimes the term is used to describe the body of work being produced by the people interested in the patterns of telecommunications systems. 3. (v) to take a pattern that is about/for the domain of telecommunications to a forum to have it discussed by telecom saavy people at a TelePLoP (2).

-- BobHanmer

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