Terry Wray

I'm really interested in XP. It's an excellent methodology. I'm exploring the use of frameworks with XP. If I have any problem with XP, it's that, like many religions, it's exclusionary. ie. You can't do XP and WaterFall at the same time.

I think many developers are looking for that ONE methodology that will let them be Captain Developer (cue the theme music and cape flapping in the breeze). No "system" or "methodology" is going to take you from HelloWorld to PaulAllen without years of experience.

I find that the system in use at my office is excellent, for the given target market of the company. It doesn't work very well for collaborative development. It doesn't work well for piece-work or contractors. It doesn't have a very high TruckNumber. ...but it's been in operation for almost a decade, it lets small businesses compete with very large businesses (like ExxonMobile? and Shell) and generates enough revenue to retain half a dozen people with respectable salaries.

I've read the Wiki pages on this site about Frameworks (as of June 6th, 2003) and I'm about to read "Evolving Frameworks" by DonRoberts and RalphJohnson.

mailto:twray[AT]inhouse-software[DOT]com or mailto:ltwray[AT]shaw[DOT]ca

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